26 Apr 2013

The Dreaded Exercise

I've always wanted to do more exercise and be fitter, basically lose weight I guess but also just be generally healthier and with a soft spot for food I doubted this was going to happen much with food. I'm quite good at having salads and not that unhealthy meals when I want to but if I want a brownie I'll have a brownie I just don't care that much. But recently we got an exercise bike which my Grandad had sitting in his garage so I asked if I could take it and I've been doing oddly well! I've done at least 30 minutes everyday for a week or something now and then before that I had been going on walks a lot with my Dad. I still don't feel like I can see a difference which is annoying but I mainly don't like my legs and wanted to change them but I'm still happy I've been doing it. I was just making this post because I'm about to go and use the bike and thought I haven't posted on here in a little while and would. I might also try and find some healthy recipes for stuff or something and start a couple of posts about that but I don't know yet.
So I hope you're having a good day I'm just happy it's Friday.
Peace and love and all that

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