29 Mar 2013

I'm in a good good mood, a good good mood.

If you understood my reference to The Vaccines song 'Bad Mood' in the title then I congratulate you on your fantastic music taste. So anyway I just thought I'd write a quick post before I go out as I'm just in a really good mood. It's actually really sunny today, It's probably cold but it's sunny so I don't care. I'm going to reading today to shop which will be nice and I just feel really happy about all my friends, I just feel quite loved at the moment which is always nice! So yeah! Just thought i'd let you know, I don't want to lose this good mood now because I can think of a couple of things that could bring it down so I'm trying to focus completely on the good and just be happy today.
Plus I've broken up from school now. THANK GOD.

So I hope you have a lovely day and if you don't then I hope you do tomorrow or the next day.
Shine bright like a diamond.

Haha there is no way I'm signing off like that, diamonds don't shine they reflect.

Peace out.

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