21 Feb 2012


I think so many opportunities are lost by peoples lack of confidence. Not going for a job because you don't think you're good enough or not having dreams because you never believe you will achieve them. Even just when two people like each and they don't say anything for so long that they both come to the conclusion the other doesn't like them back. They could of been so happy together but it was lost because neither was confident enough to tell the other! I've seen this happen with my friends when they have liked someone and that person has blatantly liked them back and nothing ever happened because neither had the guts to tell one another!
I just think the world would move so much faster, people would achieve so much more and be happier if they actually told people how they felt sometimes.
I'm probably a hypocrite for saying this as I have been to shy to tell someone how i feel, but i'm going to try and change that now. I'm bored of waiting for good things to happen to me or come to me, i'm going go and get them myself.
Em x

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