2 Jan 2012

So i haven't been posting for a while because I've been on holiday and there is pretty much no reception or WiFi there. But no need to worry, because i'm back!
It was an amazing holiday that i really needed but its surprisingly nice to be back to the town i normally dislike.

I thought as, a long time ago, this blog was about fashion and make up. A theme that has kind of been lost as i have just posted random things recently i though i would tell you what i wore and did make up wise on new years.
I just wore jeans tucked into brown boots with a black tank top and fitted jacket, with a thick belt around the outside of the jacket in an empire waist. I love dressing up as much as the next person but when it comes to new years, i really don't understand the girls who dress like their from Jersey Shore or are about to walk down a cat walk! Just enjoy yourself and stop thinking about how you look!
Make up-
I did a brown/neutral/pink eye. and a plain face nothing particularly special but then a bright red lip just to add some colour to my outfit!
Nothing except my peace sign hoop earrings.

So i hope you all had a fantastic new years!
Em x

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